Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chitika Blackhat-Chitika Bot v2.2

   Successful new product launch,that is Chitika Bot v2.2..prior to launch,This product had experienced problems,namely the problem of multiple not work.,but the problem is now resolved.,products we provide for free, you can download,download link is below.

How to use
1.Download Chitika Bot v2.2
2.Install Chitika Bot v2.2
3.Put Chitika User ID
4.Put Website
5. Input numbers in " 1 Click for .......Impressions" input the number 25 ( Recommend )
6.Click " Worldwide Proxy" or " US,Canada,UK Proxy"-----Worldwide Proxy ( Recommend )
7.Click " Start the Bot"

Payment Proof
Download Chitika Bot v2.2 for Free
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